Conisbrough C.C. New Pavilion – March 1963

March 1963

South Yorkshire Times, March 2.

Conisbrough Plan a Pavilion.

Conisbrough Cricket Club are hoping to replace their present temporary pavilion with one which is estimated will cost between one and £2000, and the cricket Club members are raising most of it themselves.

“This will be the first substantial pavilion the club, which had been established for over 80 years, has had, said President of the Club, Mr Arnold J Chadwick, a teacher at Conisbrough Northcliffe School.

Mr Chadwick, who hasplayed for the club for 21 years, said that they had collected some where in the region of £1000 already of their own bats, “but, to be safe. We shall have to collect another £500.” He added.

Mr Chadwick said that they hope to have the pavilion erected by the 1964 – 65 Cricket season. That would mean building the pavilion during the close season, so that building operations do not affect the cricket season.

Major Drive.

“At our present rate of income we will have to wait longer than we want to raise the rest of the money for the pavilion,” he added. They would make a major drive to raise the necessary capital this summer, when they had better contact with their 120 members.

The club have not received building estimates yet, but the plans, which have been passed by Conisbrough Urban Council, had been submitted to 2 local builders.

Mr Chadwick said that the builders would only build the “shell” of the building, and the Cricket Club would do the interior, switches seating, painting and fitting out of the bar.

The 18 foot by over 54 one pavilion, which is to be built on the site of the present premises, will have two changing rooms, a bar, a small committee room and a large room for social events.

A feature of the building is that partitions can be installed, so that the pavilion can be made into one large room.