Conisbrough Church Choir


1874 June 9th, Sheffield Telegraph

Conisbrough Church Choir.

The editor of the Sheffield daily Telegraph

Sir, – undoubtedly you have not forgotten the church choir dispute in our villagea short time ago from which a little correspondence arose in your newspaperie March 25th, 27th, and 28th, 1874.

In the former letters you were informed that the Vicar stated from the pulpit that the voluntary members were on strike, that they had lost their senses,&c.

These remarks, however has now been withdrawn, from the fact that the vicar has expressed his sorrow for what he had said and done, and having asked for the ex-members to resume their former situations, to which some of them, I am happy to say, have decided this day (Sunday) at these unusual prices, vis, “gratis,” with the understanding that the vicar does not again interfere when there is really no necessity for it.

Yours obediently,

Conisbrough, June 7, 1874.