Conisbrough Convalescent Homes Scheme – Successful Concert

February 1905

Mexborough & Swinton Times, February 18, 1905

Conisbrough Convalescent Homes Scheme
Successful Concert

On Thursday nights are large and appreciative audience gathered in the Old Board Schools Conisborough where a really good concert of a miscellaneous character was given.

The effort was in aid of the Conisborough convalescent home scheme, which as its name implies does a noble work in helping local sick and injured back to health from a short sojourn in well-known and highly efficient convalescent homes.

The committee who had the arrangements in hand consisted of Messrs W. Jones (Chairman) W. H. Smith, T. Senior, H. Senior, C. H. Fitzgeorge, T. R. Booth, A. Hulse T. W. Downing, A. Wheatley, Franklin J. H. Sampson, R Rogers, S Hinchcliffe, W. A. Lugar with Mr Fowler (secretary).

These gentlemen were extremely fortunate in securing several capable local and district vocalists and instrumentalists who practically gave their services, and the programme was of such at varied nature as to include many contrastive phases of “music’s laughter.”

The chair was occupied by Mr G Walker, JP and in his brief introductory remarks he alluded to the good work being carried on by the convalescent home scheme, the committee of which he said were to be heartily congratulated.

The receipts for the past year had amounted to £35 2s and the expenditure to £17 17s leaving a balance in hand of £17. 5s. A hearty vote of thanks was due to the committee for their untiring efforts to promote the scheme. (Applause)

Want of space prevents more than a passing mention of the excellent contributions which were distinctly above the average of the local concerts.

The Ivanhoe string band augmented through the efforts of Mr G. W. Laughton rendered their selections in fine style, a pleasing ‘balance’ being noticeable.

The vivacious music of “The Runaway Girl” went with capital swing, and for another light some effort the “Star of London” polka was a good example.

Miss C Liversidge of Mexborough, who made one of her too rare public appearances sang with artistic instincts “When the heart is young” and “Tit for tat,” fine flexibility and voice control marking her numbers which were rendered with a pronounced adaptability of expression.

Mr W Nicholson of Conisbrough gave renditions of “The Old Grey Fox,” and “Long goal in Alcala,” whilst Mr E Trout, a clever local coronet player, played “O dry those tears,” with distinct success, the band complements adding to the effect.

Miss Crowcroft, another Conisbrough vocalist, was in distinct happy vein, her songs “Sing me to “ and “In the beautiful land of Nod” exhibiting a voice of promising timbre.
Mr T Hoyle a comic from Doncaster caused much amusement with “Oh, the business” and “I’m painting,” while Mr WH Lugar was heard to advantage in such popular Street favourites as “In the good old summertime,” and “Jack’s the boy.”

Variation was lent by Prof Villiers a clever ventriloquist from Sheffield and Mr FW Needham, the well-known comedian from Doncaster provided a further element of gaity with his irresistibly funny songs, “She cost me seven and sixpence” and “I was just in time.”

Doncaster, indeed, played no small part in the evening’s entertainment and Miss A Tuxworth delighted her hearers with the richest of tone and true sympathy of expression in her renderings, ”Love’s old sweet song,” and “Saved by a child.” Evidently this lady is a member of a musical family, for her father proved himself a most acceptable vocalists, such favourites as “Mona” and “The King’s own,” receiving admirable interpretations

Mr GW Hardy yet another helper from the town of St Leger fame displayed a roundness of tone and a faculty of feeling in a couple of rousing songs, “The sound of the drum and “The Storm Fiend”, the latter being given with commendable intensity.

The Misses Booth (Conisbrough) and Wright (Doncaster) demonstrated their ability as pianoforte experts, their duet “Sleigh Race” receiving the artistic handling required.

Later Miss Wright again delighted the audience with a charming setting of “Home Sweet Home.”

Master W Hargrave of Conisbrough sang with much sweetness “Abide with me” and the “Holy City.”

The concert was a great success and should result in a good monetary addition to the objective.