Conisbrough Council Move – Black Out Lighting

November 1941

South Yorkshire Times, November 15.

Black Out Lighting.
Conisbrough Council Move

A resolution, moved by councillor G.Cheshire that the surveyor (Mr H Thirlwalll) should prepare a draft scheme for modified lighting was carried by seven votes to 6 at Wednesday’s meeting of the Conisbrough Urban Council. Council B Roberts, J.P.presided.

Cllr Cheshire, said other areas could afford to manage and maintain a system of lighting. A major accident, would be occurring at Conisbrough sometime through people not been able to see properly. The Council should make some effort to give the people reasonable lighting.

Councillor T.Shephard seconded

Councillor Sheldon said the scheme was futile. At present. By the time the scheme was ready. Whiteknights will be there. It was too late for this year, and the Council could deal with it next May.

Councillor H.Gomersall: I am optimistic enough to think that this will be the last winter of the war. Is it worthwhile. After two years of war to engineers scheme for lighting?

Mr Thirlwalll from a practical view, advised the Council to leave the matter alone. The Council will probably have to expend on lighting between £800 and £1000. The attenuated lighting was no good to motorists who were better off without it. It was a slight advantage to pedestrians but only on the very darkest nights.