Conisbrough Cricket Club – AGM – New Secretary

October 1895

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 4, 1895

Conisbrough Cricket Club – AGM – New Secretary

The annual general meeting of the above club was held at the Red Lion Hotel on Tuesday evening, Mr G Walker (the president) occupying the chair. There was a good attendance of members.

The secretary (Mr W.W. Norwood) read the report and balance sheet, which showed that after paying off all the loan from the bank there was a balance of £6 15s owing to the treasurer.

The reason for this deficiency with on account of players not turning up to play; substitutes had to be got and their expenses were paid by the club. There had been also a large outlay in new materials.

The season had not been a success from a cricket point of view, because a great many more matches hard been lost than won. The first team played 14 matches, won 4, lost 8 and drawn 2; the second team played 11 matches, won 3, lost 8; while the Thursday team played 12 matches, won 4, lost 5 and drawn 3.

Mr Appleyard proposed, and Mr Barlow seconded, the adoption of the report and balance sheet, which was carried unanimously stop

Several members expressed a wish that more players would take a real interest in the club, and also that the general public would support it more.

The election of officers for next season was then proceeded with. Mr Walker was unanimously re-elected president, on the motion of Messrs Longbottom and Ogley.

The president return thanks, and said that although he was not a regular attender at the matches yet he always took a great interest in the club, and would continue to do all he could for it. He would like to see a good list of vice presidents, who would take an interest in the club and become annual subscribers.

The following gentlemen were then nominated as vice presidents provided they agree to accept office: Messrs J Downing, W.H.Chambers, Dr McCall, G.T.Nicholson, R.H.Sharp, and the Reverent G.H.Stock; re-elected Messrs J And F Appleyard, A.Baron, Dr Craik, Dr Gilchrist, G Crawshaw, F Hattersley, C Kilner, W Milner, A Jenkinson, H Wilson and S Whitfield.

A number of ladies and gentlemen were also named to be asked to become patrons of the club

Mr Norwood was asked to stand again as secretary, but declined. He said that he had held the office for five years, during which time the club have been put on a much better footing, and now possessed a ground second to none in the district. He did not intend at all to sever his connection with the club, but would continue and assist as much as possible; at the same time his other duties would not permit of his undertaking the responsible work of secretary again.

Mr Walker proposed, and Mr Longbottom seconded, that the best thanks of the club be given to Mr Norwood for his services as secretary, which was carried with applause.

Mr Norwood thanked the members for their very cordial expressions to him, and assured them that he in return thanked them for their uniform kindness and courtesy during the time we had officiated as secretary. (Applause)

Mr T Nesbitt was then unanimously elected hon secretary; and Mr W.W Norwood treasurer.

Mr G Briggs was elected captain of the first team on his undertaking to look after it and appear at the matches regularly; Mr Nesbitt was elected sub captain; Mr W Kelly was elected captain of the second team and Mr Fred Downing sub captain; and for the Thursday team Mr W.W.Norwood was re-elected captain, and Mr W Moore sub captain.

Messrs Burton, Chapman, Laughton, Longbottom, Marshall, T Senior and F Woodhouse were re-elected on the committee, and Messrs Earnshaw, Ridghill and W Smith added.

Mr Appleyard proposed, Mr Barlow seconded, and it was carried that the subscription for next year be the same as this – viz. to include cricket and tennis, gents 7s 6d; ladies 5s; for cricket only gents 3s 6d, ladies 2s 6d; youths under 17 years of age 2 shillings.

On the motion of Mr Laughton, seconded by Mr Briggs, the use of the club’s name was allowed to the Ball committee for a ball, during the coming winter, and they were thanked for their previous exertions on behalf of the cricket club.

It was decided to defer the appointment of groundsman to the committee; and after considerable discussion on the advisability of holding sports, the matter was left over for the committee to consider and if they thought it practical they were to call a general meeting to go into the matter again.

It was arranged to hold the annual dinner on Thursday, October 17 at 6.30 at the Red Lion Hotel; tickets 3s 6d each. Mr G Walker, J.P.has consented to preside.

A vote of thanks to the chairman concluded a very harmonious meeting