Conisbrough Cricket Club—Champions,1906 – 1907 (picture)

January 1948

South Yorkshire Times January 31, 1948

This Photograph bears an inscription:

Conisbrough Cricket Club—Champions, Swinton and District League, 1906 – 1907

It has been passed on to us by Mr R. J. Rossor, of 22, Low Road, Warmsworth, Doncaster, who writes: ” In view of the recent seats of Conisbrough Cricket Committee, no doubt it will be of interest to the old and new generation of cricket enthusiasts. It was taken by me more than 40 years ago on the old cricket ground, the Pygotts.

Only three of the team are now living, namely Gillott, Moody and Marlborough.

In the picture are included (back row, left to right):

G. W. Laughton, A. Moody, and G. Marlborough, O Greathead, H. Gillott, G. Wood (umpire);

(front): Clem Walker, Fred Nesbit, Frank Martin, W. Appleyard, Frank Tomlinson,  C Moore.”

Mr Rossor adds: ” I am in my 77th year and have been a reader of the Times ‘ all my life. I well remember the man who every Friday morning. came through Denaby shouting Mexborough Times.’He went through all the villages round here. That was 70 years ago ! ”

Thank you, Mr. Rosser. It would be Interesting it anyone could identity the youngsters in this picture of 40 years ago !