Conisborough Cricket Club Public Dance

December 1898

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 2, 1898

Conisborough Cricket Club Public Dance

This last week I have had no less than half a dozen handbills brought to my door informing me that the Conisborough Cricket Club had made arrangements for a public dance at the Board schools tonight (Friday), where for the very modest sum of one shilling, I may indulge in that very fascinating pastime from 8 o’clock until midnight.

Cheap enough isn’t it?

At such affairs as this is always, or nearly so, a great dearth of gentlemen dancers, and the Cricket Club Committee, knowing what a graceful dancer I, I suppose that is the reason they are so anxious I should be present.

Well, gentlemen, all being well, amongst those who are at the dance tonight will be found yours truly, accompanied by his best girl.