Conisbrough Cricket Pitch Query – What Would Unions Say?

July 1946

South Yorkshire Times, July 27th, 1946

What Would Unions Say?
Conisbrough Cricket Pitch Query.

Mr. E. B. Stockdale, clerk to Conisbrough Interim Board of Governors and Primary School Managers, told members last night that the headmaster of Conisbrough Boys’ Modern School had asked for a concrete cricket pitch, and there was a suggestion from the Country that building students at Mexborough Schofield College should construct it.

To avoid creation of a precedent, the recommendation was referred to the Divisional Executive.

The union question was raised, but the clerk said he believed they could stick too rigidly to things like that. They were, after all, training these students to become practical builders. This job would be taken as part of their instruction.

Coun. D. Sheldon suggested there was no difference between students carrying out this work and boys at the Modern School doing gardening. A gardener was one of the most highly skilled of men.

Coun. G. Cheshire said the painting of schools by scholars could be suggested equally on the same principle, but Mr. Stockdale said it was not quite the same thing. Coun. H. Gomersall, chairman, who presided, said it had been suggested already. If once the ball began to roll there was no telling where it would step.

Members expressed concern at the lack of a full-time school attendance officer and are to press for that provision. At the moment, Dearne, Mexborough and Conisbrough are shared by Mr. A. Collindridge (former Conisbrough officer) and Mr. C. Smith (Mexborough). The clerk said the question was being dealt with by the County Authority. The question of club trips upsetting school attendance was also raised, and Coun. Gomersall emphasised that although the committee could do little this year, they wished to kill the spirit before it started for the next holiday year.

The local N.U.T. proposals for school for holidays, previously referred to in these columns, came before the committee and the clerk indicated the effect of the operation, next April, of the higher school leaving age. The County had pointed out that if children of 14 were to leave, the term must end before March 31st; the holidays proposals were for the Easter break to start in April. The proposals suggested 12 half days for Easter and 20 for Whitsun; the clerk suggested that for this year only, those be reversed in order to break up earlier at Easter. This will be recommended to the Executive