Conisbrough Cricketers Convivial – Celebrating a Championship

May 1908

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 9, 1908

Conisbrough Cricketers Convivial
Celebrating a Championship
Mr C Whitworth on the Game

at the Red Lion Hotel, Conisbrough, on Thursday night, a smoking concert was held in connection with the Conisbrough, the players been presented with the cup and medals that accompanied inning of the Swinton Cricket Alliance championship, which honour Conisbrough worthily won last season.

The case was also utilised to commemorate the recent marriage of Mr T Mills, a popular player and one the best all-round men in the Conisbrough team. This gift took the form of a China tea service.

A warmly welcome visitor was Mr CW Whitworth, the prospective Conservative candidate for the Doncaster division.

Mr J Lowery Cole, of Doncaster, who presided, expressed his pleasure at being present in his appearance of the good work done last season by the Conisbrough C.C…

In presenting the cup and medals to the Conisbrough team, the Chairman read out the record of the leading players as follows:

T Milnes, average per innings 23.40; G Marlborough, 11.11, F Tomlinson 9, S Nesbitt 8.71, a moody 7.42, W Appleyard, captain, 6; G Moore 6; F Martin 4.75; G Gillett 3.43; C.D. Walker, 1.80; C Greathead 1.40

Medals were also given to Mr C. Wood (umpire) and Mr J Webster, scorer

The Lessons of Cricket

In proposing the toast, “The Conisborough Cricket Club,” Mr C.W. Whitworth said it was the most important toast of the evening. He thought that cricket was one of the finest and most manly of sport the whole world over. It was a game at the top of the tree amongst British sports and pastimes. Cricket taught obedience, self-reliance, and patience and produced other good qualities and excitement. Unless a captain commanded obedience and a team obeyed the rules, matches could not be one. Self-reliance was developed under difficulties, and patience was essential when every man was striving to save his side.

His old friend Lewis Hall was a first rate hand at that game. As for the excitement of cricket; when there were a dozen runs wanted to win a match, and only five minutes to get the men – why Northwest Manchester was not more exciting than that. (Laughter and applause.)

He congratulated the Conisbrough Cricket Club on winning the championship of the Swinton and District Cricket Alliance, and wished them success in their efforts this year. (Applause)

Mr Whitworth subsequently handed over to Mr T Mills, the wedding gift from the Conisborough players, and the health of the recipient was proposed by Mr W.W. Norwood.

The above conversational speeches were interspersed with an enjoyable musical programme