Conisbrough Dance Classes “Cheap Evenings Out “

July 1950

South Yorkshire Times July 1, 1950

Conisbrough Dance Classes

“Cheap Evenings Out “

Ballroom dancing classes run under the auspices of Conisbrough Evening institute were described as ” cheap evenings out ” at last night’s annual meeting of Mexborough Divisional Education Executive Further Education Sub-Committee.

Coun. G. Cheshire (Conisbrough) said it was felt by many that people were taking advantage of the Evening Institute to get cheap facilities. These classes were also cutting across other organisations, particularly on Friday nights, when it had been the custom to arrange dances In aid of the Over 70’s Club. The classes were not, he thought, serving the purpose they should do, and people attending them were not taking the opportunity to learn to dance. It was felt, he contended, they were taking advantage of the classes to get a season’s dancing for half a crown

In reply to the chairman, Coun. Bedford (Dearne), Coun. Cheshire agreed that dancing classes, run properly, could be educational.

Mr. J. I. Webster, head teacher of the Evening Institute, said: “It is not a cheap hop, and it is not a case of giving people a lot of dancing facilities.” He objected to Court. Cheshire’s criticism, and thought it was prompted because the 0ld Folk’s Committee thought the classes were taking people away from their dances. Their dances, he said, were held at different times.

It was agreed by six votes to two to eliminate the classes from the syllabus for the winter session.