Conisbrough Family Fought Fire On their Own – Turned Budgie Black

April 1957

South Yorkshire Times April 13, 1957

Conisbrough Family Fought Fire On their Own

Although the living room of the council house home 89, Chestnut Grove Conisbrough was full of smoke and a chair and two carpets were on fire, Mr and Mrs Edward Robinson did not call the Fire Brigade but put out the fire themselves.

On Sunday morning Mrs Robinson smelled smoke and asked her husband to go downstairs. In bare feet and wearing only trousers Mr Robertson started to put out the fire. With the help of his wife and two daughters he extinguished the blaze but Mr Robinson burned his feet.

Black smoke from Robert in a chair, however, turned their seven-month-old blue-and-white budgie, joy into a jet black budgie. The bird, which was the church all day and ’talks’ also lost its voice because of its ordeal.

The fire caused about £40 worth of damage, burning to carpets, the line only, and armchair and part of the walls.

Mrs Robinson said that the blaze was probably caused by a spark from the living room fire which was lit by their son, William, before he went to morning Mass.