Conisbrough Firm Are Dollar Earners.

July 1969

South Yorkshire Times, July 19th, 1969.

Conisbrough Firm Are Dollar Earners.

Next Week an initial batch of Conisbrough made potato crisps will leave Liverpool for the holiday paradise of the British Virgin Islands. The shipment promotes Conisbrough’s progressive X.L. Crisp Company to the coveted ranks of British dollar earning exporters, as well as adding an extra jingle to the firm’s purse.

And it happened almost by accident, out of the blue Caribbean.

An Englishman on leave from his post in the islands tasted the Conisbrough product, and was impressed. The result was an inquiry from Island Pubs Ltd., and an invitation to export.

“It came quite by chance, out of the blue,” X.L. managing director, Mr. Maurice Wright told the “South Yorkshire Times” on Monday.

“We have a connection with a brewery company who have a market for their beer out there. This part of the Caribbean is becoming more and more Anglicised and we anticipate there is a likelihood of future orders.”

… And to “Gib”

The firm are already exporting the Gibraltar, but this is their first chance to break into dollars markets.

“Export represent only a small fraction of our trade,” said Mr. Wright. “But in this case we can help the country’s economy as well as providing ourselves with a useful little extra to our own income.”