Conisbrough Garden of Rest Taking Shape

March 1957

South Yorkshire Times March 9, 1957

Conisbrough Garden of Rest Taking Shape

the layout for the new Garden of Rest adjoining the Conisbrough Parish Church yard, is taking shape.

Workmen have smoothed off an area of ground for the garden itself and flag stones have been laid to form a path through the garden.

While they construct the garden workmen are helping to improve road safety conditions near the church. At present there is no footpath adjoining the churchyard, but the new project involves cutting back the bank over 20 yard stretch. This will improve visibility for traffic.

Six stone steps in line with the path of been built up to the level of the churchyard.

For the wall which is to run alongside the garden stone is to be used to blend with the church fabric.

As the bank is cutback for the path, four obstructions will have to be moved. Two large trees will have to be pulled out, and two graves will have have to be set further back.

Along the edge of the garden will be a line of poplar trees. This will help to cut out the view of buildings on the topside of the garden. A pillar box, which at present stands in front of the garden, close the road, will also have to be moved.

At the edge of the garden on the top side, a telephone box will be installed.