Conisbrough Home Raided – Thieves Made Hurried  Exit

January 1960

South Yorkshire Times January 16, 1960

Conisbrough Home Raided

Thieves Made Hurried  Exit

As Conisbrough Café proprietor, Mr. M. J. Cichowski fumbled at the front door of his home, thieves, who had locked him out, and jewellery worth nearly 2 pounds, were probably making their getaway the back door

Polish born Mr. Cichowski, of `Glen Garth,’ Doncaster Road, Conisbrough, said on Monday “They actually locked me out, although I did not realise it at the time, as I was trying to open the front door —the latch had been broken–they were probably leaving through the back.”

Mr. Cichowski (56), and his wife, Dora, were returning with their family after an outing to a Sheffield pantomime. “We eventually got in through the back. Every room in the house had been turned upside down,” he said.

Among articles stolen were a gold charm bracelet, several rings—one set with sapphires, and diamonds, two strings of pearls and three watches.

The thieves are believed to have entered the detached bungalow through a window. Contents of drawers and cupboards had been swept onto the floor.

Mr. Cichowski added “it was fortunate that we returned home when we did. I, think the thieves had only time to take what they were carrying in their pockets.”