Conisbrough Hospital – Extensions Urgently Needed – Cannot Wait For County Review

June 1935

Mexborough & Swinton Times 21 June 1935

Conisbrough Hospital
Extensions Urgently Needed
Cannot Wait For County Review

If a favourable reply is received from the Minister of Health, Doncaster and Mexborough isolation Hospital board are to press forward with their scheme to extend the hospital at Conisbrough.

This decision was arrived at on Wednesday, when the matter was raised in a letter from Adwick le Street Urban Council, which pointed out that the council understood objections were being made by this County Council to the suggested extensions. The council had written the county authority and this, and the reply from the Clerk to the county council stated: “I know of no objection that has been raised by the county council to the extension scheme.” The letter, however, suggested that the board should determine the population the hospital was to serve, and this could not be done until the county review was completed. On receipt of this reply, Adwick le Street had decided to ask the Hospital Board to press forward with the extension scheme.

The Clerk (Mr F. R. Bowers) reported on the suggestion of the chairman (Mr O. S. Howden, Doncaster R. D. C.), He had written the Minister of Health pointing out that the board had purchased land for extension and were desirous of an immediate start on the scheme with the Minister’s assistance.

Mrs. G. N. Paling (Armthorpe) said that when the scheme was first mooted the Deputy Clerk to the county council was in sympathy, but Dr Potts (county M.O. H.) urged the board to wait until the revision of hospital areas.

Mr W. Cranfield (Adwick le Street) said the matter was urgent. “If we wait for the County Council to put up hospitals we shall all be dead,” he added.

Free transport home
Bentley Urban Council built asking the board to arrange for the conveyance home of patients discharged from hospital.

The Clerk stated he had replied that they similar request was received for a neighbouring authority some time ago when the board decided that the matter be placed before a meeting of representatives who were to deal with the question of Thorne Rural Council’s admission to the board. Mr. Bowers said Thorne were willing to accept the board’s terms, but were awaiting the sanction of the Minister of health. The chairman said that Doncaster Rural Council were in favour of Bentley’s suggestion. Mrs. N. E. Mingo Rose (Bentley) said that throughout the hospital area wages were low and parents were charged as much as 12s. for conveying their children from hospital.

Mr. C. H. Williams (Thurnscoe) suggested that the board should not make the decision until Thorne were admitted. It would not be fair to saddle Thorne with extra cost without their having a say.
Mr.R.J. Throughton (Conisbrough) said the cheapest method would be for the board to purchase a suitable car or ambulance.

The board agreed with Bentley’s recommendation and appointed a subcommittee to consider putting it into practice.

Settling Down.

The Medical Supt. (doctor. W. J. Maclure) reported that on April 1st there was 139 patients, including 96 scarlet fever and 41 diphtheria. During April and May there were 105 new cases and four deaths. On June 1st there was 85 patients. There were no patients in the smallpox hospital, and doctor. Maclure suggested that it be cleaned, renovated and redecorated. He also asked for electric lighting to be installed.

The board agreed.