Conisbrough Hospital Not for Whooping Cough Cases

December 1945

South Yorkshire Times December 22nd 1945

Conisbrough Hospital Not for Whooping Cough Cases

Doncaster and Mexborough Joint Hospital board on Wednesday refused to accept responsibility for the maintenance of a Mexborough child admitted to Kendray isolation Hospital, Barnsley, on the grounds that cases of whooping cough were admitted to Conisbrough isolation Hospital.

The board received correspondence from Mexborough Urban Council enclosing a letter from the medical officer of Barnsley asking the council to accept responsibility for the maintenance of the patient, Jeffrey Hall (2), 72, Addison Road, Mexborough, whom they had admitted to Kendray from Mexborough Montagu Hospital. Conisbrough Isolation Hospital, the letter stated, could not admit the case as they had not facilities for the mastoid operation.

Coun. G. S. Morley said that at the last meeting of the Montagu Hospital board the case was referred to, when it was reported that the child was taken to the Montagu Hospital for immediate operational treatment for a mastoid, but was suffering from an infectious disease and could not be admitted. It was sent to Conisbrough hospital and finally admitted to Barnsley Kendray.

Coun. T. Baynham wanted to know whether a child suffering from whooping cough recommended by a local practitioner for treatment at the hospital would be turned away.

Dr. McClure: Under present circumstances, yes, even if we had accommodation.

In that case, said Coun. Baynham, if they did not accept whooping cough he would move that they did not accept responsibility for the case in question. His resolution was passed unanimously.

On the recommendation of the house committee of the Board decided to defer consideration of the appointment of a permanent matron’s clerk for the three months, applicants for the appointment must be single.

On the report of the matron and recommendation of the house committee, probationers B. Bullock and K. Long, who have completed three years training, were appointed staff nurses at the hospital.