Conisborough Hospital Sunday Demonstration – Mexborough Hospital Finances

July 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 7, 1906

Conisborough Hospital Sunday Demonstration.
Mexborough Hospital Finances.
An Optimistic View.

On Sunday afternoon, the second of the two annual efforts made by the Conisborough hospital committee, to further the cause of the hospital, was brought to fruition. The people of Conisborough, while recognising the urgent claims of the Mexborough Montagu Hospital, bring in to their consideration the Royal infirmary at Doncaster, so that the funds raised help towards the maintenance of two hospitals instead of one. Indeed, the vicar, the rev. W. A. Strawbridge, during the course of the service in aid of the hospital earlier in the year, said that there might possibly be a revision of management on another occasion, and it is understandable his remarks had reference to the Fullerton hospital at Denaby, there will then be three institutions looking to the people of Conisborough for support,

Although the church parade had not been attended by an abnormal amount of success there had been extensive preparations made for the 16th annual demonstration, which was held in a field near the old board schools, which field was kindly lent by Mr B. J. Clarkson.

The following had been invited to perform the procession – Doncaster Temperance prize band, Denaby Main Salvation Army band, with members of the Army; West Riding Constabulary, Conisborough Doncaster and Mexborough Fire Brigade.

Of the Sheffield Equalised Independent Druids, the following lodges were invited: Conisborough Castle, Pride of Denaby, and the Friendship (Mexborough), Order of Druids (Rotherham Equalised District) Star of Hope Lodge, Conisborough; Montagu Lodge, Denaby; and Watson’s Delight Lodge. Mexborough (with banner); and Grand United Order of Odd Fellows and Juveniles. Of the National Independent Order of Odd Fellows and Juveniles, Conisborough and Denaby Main Lodge were invited, as were also the Courts Montagu Fullerton Order of Foresters and Juveniles, the Conisbrough and Denaby Independent Order of Good Templars, and the Denaby and Cadeby workmen.

The marshalling of the procession, which was in the hands of Messrs. W. Byrd, C Parry and J. Flinders, took place in the castle grounds.

The response to the invitation was not by any means so complete and wholehearted as might be desired; yet there was a fairly good turnout, the Rotherham Equalised Druids in particular, having a very good representation. The Doncaster. Conisborough, and Mexborough Fire Brigades were under the direction of Supt.Gregory and Captains W. Jones and Downing respectively. The procession made it way from the castle grounds.

Mr R. Fowler, the hon. Secretary, is deserving of the highest praise for the manner in which he has engineered the movement, and if the receipts have not reached the desired standard blame certainly cannot be laid upon Mr Fowler.

There was a good attendance when, under the baton of Mr F. W. Hulme, an amalgamated choir commenced a sacred service of songs. The choir, although not a very large one, went through the hymns and anthems with an execution which showed signs of great care having been taken in preparation, and which reflected great credit on the conductorship of Mr. Hulme Mr Brocklesby, at the harmonium, was also distinctively useful.

The speakers on the platform where Mr J. H. Watson, C. C., The Rev W. A. Strawbridge (Vicar), Dr Craik, Mr. F. Allen (Doncaster), Miss Spick of the Salvation Army), Mr J. Brocklesby (chairman of the parish council) Mr F. W. Jones, and Mr. Downing.