Conisbrough Housing Programme – Brick Buildings and Prefabs

October 1946

South Yorkshire Times, October 12, 1946

Eighteen By Christmas
Ministry Priority Will Hasten Conisbrough Housing Programme

18 of the 30 permanent brick house is now in course of erection for Conisbrough Urban Council on the Conanby no. 1 housing site as the first instalment of Conisbrough’s initial post war housing scheme of 96 houses have been placed by Ministry of Health Officials on the “to be finished by Christmas” priority list for supplies.

In Rustic Brick.

Mr A. W. R. Taylor, surveyor to the council, told a South Yorkshire Times reporter on Monday that 26 of the 30 houses would be three bedroomed houses and the remaining four 4 bedroomed. Accommodation in 10 of the houses would include a living room, working kitchen and scullery, all the dwellings were being finished in rustic brick with tiled roofs and all would be provided with adequate gardens. Hedges would probably consist of privet trees, and the majority of the houses were being erected in Copley Avenue and Garden Lane, with six houses in a new thoroughfare to be known as Thirlwall Avenue after the council’s recently retired surveyor, Mr H. Thirlwall.

Provision had been made in the layout of the scheme for the erection at a later date of garages for tenants of the houses desirous of taking advantage of such amenities.

Mr Taylor indicated that it was hoped to commence surveying work almost immediately in connection with the Conanby No. 2 site, land, formerly in the occupation of Mr J. Adamson (Conanby), in which a barley crop has been sown this summer by the Urban Council parks department in connection with the “grow more food” campaign, Conanby No. 2 site will comprise the field lying between Hilltop road and the existing Colliery housing estate.

The Urban Council have a third site in Crookhill Road, but Mr Taylor revealed that, in consequence of objections by the planning arising out of the proposed Conisbrough bypass, the matter of this particular site was in abeyance.

It is understood that the council have under consideration an alternative site in the vicinity of this third site.

Further aluminium prefabricated houses in The Oval, Elm Green Lane, have been handed over this week. On Friday and Monday a total of six were received on behalf of the council by Coun. R. H Shepherd, chairman of the housing committee, and Mr Taylor, and were immediately let by Mr R. J. Troughton, housing manager, to the following tenants: –

Friday: Mr Owen Gledhill, 96, Tickell Street, Denaby; Mr H. Armstrong 32, Annerley Street, Denaby, and Mr Baynham, 71, Annerley Street, Denaby. Monday: Mr Samuel Chatfield, 16, Burcroft Hill; Mr A. L. Bagley, 145, Park Road, Conisbrough; Mr H. Saxon, 6, Barnsley Avenue, Conanby; and Mr A. E. Lovell, 8, Denaby Avenue, Conanby.

On Wednesday three further houses were let to the following: Messrs. A. D. Patterson, Braithwell Street, Denaby, David Roberts, Wellgate, Conisbrough, and Walter Hardy, 11, Annerley Street, Denaby.

All the 45 prefabricated houses have now been erected, and the team left the site on Wednesday for Shrewsbury.

Mr Troughton stated yesterday that it was expected that three more houses would be let to day (Friday).