Conisbrough Man Denied Driving Dangerously

September 1967

South Yorkshire Times September 23, 1967

Conisbrough Man Denied Driving Dangerously

After his car had gone off the road and overturned , John Appleyard, (23), a representative, of 9, Castle Street, Conisbrough, got it back on its four wheels and drove away before the police arrived, Rotherham Borough magistrates were told yesterday (Thursday).

Appleyard pleaded not guilty to driving in a dangerous manner and the charge was dismissed.

A witness, Clifford Rippon, of 126 South St, Rawmarsh, said he was driving along town name was Gris bro at about 11 PM when he was overtaken by a car travelling very fast. Soon afterwards he came to the scene of the accident and saw the same car was on its side.

He helped Appleyard out and told him he would never be as lucky again.

He told him someone had telephoned the police and ambulance. Two or three people helped to get the car back on its wheels and Appleyard got in and drove away.

Appleyard, in evidence, said he saw the lights of a car approaching and it appeared to be over the middle of the road. He swerved to his left and hit the high kerb.

Cross examined by Inap. C. lambert, he agreed that, according to a policeman sketch plan, he had left a skid mark 100 feet long, but he said that when he measured his skid mark, it was only 10 feet long.
Mister. M. W. Field, defending, said the defendant’s car could not possibly have caused all the set of marks shown on the officer sketch.

“The officer has no doubt recorded what there was on the ground but is open to the gravest doubt that all or any of these marks relate to this accident,” he said.