Conisbrough Man Remanded – Climbed On the Bridge Parapet

February 1958

South Yorkshire Times February 1, 1958

Conisbrough Man Remanded
Climbed On the Bridge Parapet

When a 25-years-old Conisbrough miner climbed on to the parapet of the Mill Bridge at Doncaster late on Saturday night, two men grabbed hold of him before he could jump into the river Don.

Inspector F. Brown told this to Doncaster West Riding Magistrates on Monday when Brian W. Nicholson,  of Ivanhoe Road, Conisbrough, was remanded in custody for 15 days for a medical report, accused of attempting to commit suicide.

Inspector Brown said that prior to climbing on the parapet Nicholson had removed his coat, pullover, shirt and shoes. The two men took him to a nearby cafe and the police were called.

Nicholson, who was in a very distressed state, was taken to hospital, but there they could find nothing physically wrong with him.

The Inspector allege that Nicholson told the police, “I was going to jump into the Don. I am an epileptic. I can’t tell when they are coming on. I tried to do it before it in the army they put me in the madhouse. I just get fed up. I might do it again.”

Inspector Brown told the magistrates that Nicholson attracted jump into the sea port so with serving in the Army and had been sent to a mental institution.

Inspector Brown said Nicholson was married and had one child. There were, he said, frequent arguments between Nicholson and his wife, because of which they often had to find new lodgings.

Nicholson told the magistrates that he had been trying for six weeks to find lodgings. “I got fed up of going round to houses,” he added.

Nicholson wept as he told the magistrates that his brother bad committed suicide and his father had been run over at Bradford. He told the magistrates that he often thought about this.

The Chairman, Alderman Ben Roberts told him not to worry and added, “We want to help you and your wife and child and we will see what can be done”.