Conisborough Man’s Foolish Outburst – Preferred Suicide

March 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 3, 1906

A Conisbrough Man’s Foolish Outburst
Preferred Suicide

A Conisborough filler named William Sleaford was summoned at the instance of his wife for desertion.

The complainant said they were married on 28 May two years ago. The previous Monday the defendant turned her out of the house and locked the door upon her he had often threatened what he would do to her and he had also treated cruelly. He was a filler at the Cadeby colliery, and earned 5/– a day. There was no furniture or bedding. There was one child of the marriage.

The Chairman: Have you any questions to ask your wife?

Defendant: I want to have nowt to say to her.

Gertrude Nolan, with whom the complainant is residing, gave evidence and Mr Michael Dolan, of the N.S.P.C.C. said in consequence of a letter received from the complainant last Monday, he saw the defendant at his house at Conisborough. The wife made a statement in his presence that he had ill treated her during the whole of her married life, and that he had kept her and the child short of food.
In answer to a question the defendant said he was earning 26/– per week, and that he had paid 13/– for getting his clothes out of pawn; they had been in since the previous September races. He had also paid 4/11 for a pair of boots. Also said he would not get any bedding, and he did not care whether a separation order was granted. He would allow her 2/- a week, and if she wanted anymore he would “go down the line” like some other man he mentioned had done, and he said that it was nice. (Laughter.)

The defendant denied stating that he would pay 8/-per week. He would never pay 8/- a week to a thing like her. Some days he worked for 2/11 and other days for 6/-

A separation order was granted, the defendant to pay 8/- alimony each week.

Defendant: I shan’t pay; I’ll drown myself.