Conisbrough Miner Breaks Leg, Dies – Fell Out of Bed

March 1955

South Yorkshire Times March 26, 1955

Fell Out of Bed
Conisbrough Miner Breaks Leg, Dies

The Doncaster District coroner (Mr. W. H. Carlile) recorded a verdict of “death by misadventure” at Tuesdays Conisbrough inquest on Harold Janes Beaumont (61) a minor, of 21, Balby Street, Denaby, who died at his house, last Friday.

Mrs. Eleanor Beaumont (window) said her husband had worked at Cadeby colliery all his life and had good health until 1948 when he complained of pain in his chest. He was examined by the pheumoconiosis medical panel and received a 5% pension. His pension was increased to 20% in 1953. He had been confined to bed for the past eight months and his health deteriorated over that period

On Tuesday, March 8 about 5.45P.M she heard a bump and found he had fallen out of bed. He was removed to hospital and found to have a fractured right leg, but later sent home and put to bed.

Doctor. J. Fulde (pathological registrar at Doncaster Royal infirmary) said the cause of death was heart failure, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and pneumoconiosis. The fracture hastened his death.

Dr Fulde explained that the patient’s health was in such a bad condition that an operation was impossible. He was in a dying condition and the hospital authorised ability though it would be better for him to die at home.

The type of fracture sustained by the deceased usually heals by rest if the patient was in a good condition.