Conisbrough Miners and the Rabbits

January 1916

Sheffield Telegraph, 18 January 1916

Conisbrough Miners and the Rabbits

Two Conisbrough miners, named Albert Bentley and Ambrose Mangham, were charged at Doncaster today on the Poaching Prevention act, Mangham being charged with aiding and abetting.

On Monday the third inst. At 1130 in the morning, Police Constable Kay, saw three men coming from the direction of Conisbrough cliffs. Their pockets were bulky, and their boots wet and soiled and on going towards them, the men ran away, but he caught Bentley and found in his inside pocket, two rabbits which had been recently killed.

Mangham ran away and dropped a net. The other man escaped. He told Bentley he would be reported and he replied, “Now take the rabbits and say nothing about it.”

Mangham’s defence was that he had been on the night shift and did not leave home until 11:45.

Bentley, who did not appear, was ordered to pay 25s and Mangham 20s