Conisbrough Miner’s Arrears

May 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 19, 1906

Conisbrough Miner’s Arrears

Samuel Peplow, miner of Conisborough was charged with being in arrears on an order made against him by the magistrates of 1/6 a week towards the support of his son, who had been sent to a reformatory.

Superintendent Hickes stated that the prisoner owed 3/7/6. He was in regular work, had a wife and two children, one of which was 14 and the other five years of age.

The prisoner was 45 weeks in arrears.

The prisoner said he had been off work 23 weeks with a broken leg, and he was not in any club at the time. He could not pay all at once.

A friend of the prisoner in Court at this stage appeared and offered to pay the amount down.