Conisbrough Modern  3  Brampton Ellis Modern 1 – Conisbrough Qualify 

14 January 1950

South Yorkshire Times January 14, 1950

Conisbrough Qualify 

Conisbrough Modern  3  Brampton Ellis Modern 1

Few people locally can have seen a much better game on Saturday than the “Daily Dispatch” area final at Mexborough, in which Conisbrough Modern qualified for the county competition by beating Brampton Ellis Modern 3 – 1, retaining a hold on their area shield.

In the first half, with the goal lead scored by Adams, Brampton looked the better team, but the second half was a complete contrast.

Conisbrough Don and Dearne players, Damant, Hardiman, Law and Stacey swept aside all the opposition, playing forcing, constructive and very attractive football.

Damant, in at centre forward instead of outside left scored twice and Watkin, inside right added the third. Only hard defending from Brampton’s backs and goalkeeper kept the scores to 3. Whaley Hobson and Adams were Brampton’s best.

The game was marred by an injury to Lee, Brampton’s left-winger, who sustained a broken arm during the second half.

One of the outstanding features of the game was a goalkeeping of Malcolm Collingridge (Conisbrough) (picture), whose magnificent saves, excellent positioning and at times uncanny anticipation, held the defence together stop