Conisbrough Nears Target

July 1950

South Yorkshire Times July 22, 1950

Conisbrough Nears Target

Conisbrough and Denaby’s savings target for this year’s campaign will be to increase the number of savings groups in the urban district by 10 per cent. As the present number of groups is 69, this will mean that to top the target they will have to sponsor at least seven more groups.

New groups have already been started at Denaby W.V.S. Over Sixties Club and Conisbrough Child Welfare Centre, and at Conisbrough Savings Committee meeting on Friday Mrs. Ada Oldfield offered to transfer part of her group—she suggested Mrs. Davey, Prior Road, as a new group secretary—and to take on an additional part of Daylands Avenue.

Suggestions were also made with regard to reviving groups formerly operated by Messrs. Ball and F. Steckhius.

The chairman, Coun. D. Sheldon, prefaced a discussion on the year’s campaign by saying that except for last year the Committee had always achieved their targets in the past. They were doing extremely well, but it was not going to be easy to get an increase of 10 per cent. in savings members—a suggestion put before the committee as one of their targets for the year—for Conisbrough were doing in 1939-40-41 what some other committees were only doing to-day,

The treasurer, Mr. T. C. Campbell, said that 42 per cent, of the population were already members of savings groups in the urban district, and to increase membership by 10 per cent, would mean they would have to obtain 700 more members.

The Committee felt that that would be a task to difficult and it was decided to concentrate on securing a 10 per cent. increase in savings groups.

Mr. Campbell reported that Conisbrough had the highest membership per head of the population in the West Riding South-East Constituency and the third highest savings contribution per head of the population : 35s. 7d.   Wath and Rawmarsh had higher returns.