Conisbrough News – Baptist Notes – Old Picture

June 1955

South Yorkshire Times June 18th 1955

Baptist Notes.

Sunday’s preacher at Conisbrough Baptist Church was Mr. D. Marshall and Mr. G. Teasedale.

The Mens Contact Club met on Monday and the Sisterhood meeting on Wednesday afternoon was followed by the junior Christian Endeavour meeting.

Speakers at the Senior Christian Endeavour was Mr. S. Cooper (Swinton) and leader Mr. F. Carpenter. Soloist was Mr. D. Marshall. The usual weekly meeting of the Youth Club was held last night.

Old Picture.

A Conisbrough personality of years ago is recalled this week by an old brown photograph which shows a group of Conisbrough glass blowers on an outing in Rotherham in 1907.

In the centre of the group is music hall ‘star’ Katie King. Kate topped the bill at many a Manchester show in the hey-day of the old-time music hall and when she came to Conisbrough she quickly achieved the same sort of popularity which she had enjoyed ‘on the boards.’

The photograph is the property of Mrs. A. Kelly, stewardess of the British Legion Club, Conisbrough, and it includes Mr. Francis Keyes, Mr. Charlie Keyes, Mr. John Rogan, Mr. Billy Fitton and Mr. Guest.