Conisbrough News – Health – Road Blocked – Electricity – Medical Officer

April 1946

South Yorkshire Times, April 20, 1946.


Dr. John McArthur, Medical Officer, of Health for the urban district, in his quarterly report for the period ended March 31st, reports that 47 male (including two illegitimate) and 27 female (including three illegitimate) births, equal to an annual rate of 19.2 per 1,000, were registered.

Deaths registered, numbering 26 male and 15 female, equalled and annual rate of 10.6 per 1,000.

Infectious diseases notified were: Scarlet fever 12, diphtheria 10, erysipelas 1, tuberculosis 3, pneumonia 2, whooping cough 2, cerebro spinal fever 1, and puerperal fever 2. Twelve cases of diphtheria, 12 cases of scarlet fever were removed to the Isolation Hospital.

Road Blocked.

The road at Brooke Square in the vicinity of Mr. Marshall’s shop was blocked for about half-an-hour on Monday by a steam roller which, when descending the stretch of road from Conisbrough cross-roads into Brooke Square was forced by its trailer into the opposite direction to which it had been travelling.

The police were summoned and for a short while traffic proceeding in the Mexborough direction was permitted to use Lamphouse Hill, normally forbidden under the one-way street system.

Electricity Supply.

Arising from a request by tenants of Council houses in St. Peter’s Road, part of Daylands Avenue and some in Prior Road (at present served by gas) for the provision of an electricity supply, the Principal Housing Officer to the Ministry of Health has replied to the Urban council that it was not an appropriate time to put such a scheme in hand.

The Housing Committee has decided that the letter should lie on the table for six months and they will then take the matter up again.

Medical Officer.

The Ministry of Health have suggested that the appointment of a new Medical Officer of Health to succeed Dr. John McArthur, who will retire from the office during the summer, should be on a temporary basis in view of the altered circumstances which may obtain consequent on the National Health Service.

The Urban Council have decided to advertise the position at, subject to the Ministry’s approval, a salary of £125 per annum. Until a permanent appointment is made for the position of Sanitary Inspector, rendered vacant by the retirement of Mr. H. Thirlwall, the duties will be filled temporarily by Mr. A. W. R. Taylor (Surveyor).