Conisbrough News – No Competition – Above National Average – “Battle of Television”

May 1956

South Yorkshire Times May 5, 1956

No Competition

Once again Conisbrough Urban Council will be composed of all Labour members. Last year’s opposition from the ratepayers Association is not forthcoming this year due to financial difficulties, Mrs Hilda Skelton of Windmill Avenue, Conisbrough, a former leader of the Association told a reporter.

The Labour Party think that the people of Conisbrough are quite satisfied with their work Mrs Galton disagrees. What is needed in Conisbrough is a good strong Citizens Association, she thinks.

She would not comment whether she would organise some opposition from that she is legend. It all depends on financial circumstances, she said, but intimidated that she was inclined to put up some opposition as there was so much a professor towards local elections in Conisbrough. But for this year at least the council will consist of 15 Labour members.

Above National Average

Mr R. Jackson, itself Yorkshire regional officer of the West Riding County library service told a “South Yorkshire Times” reporter this week that the reading standard at conisborough and Denaby was perhaps above the national average.

Mr Jackson, who was commenting on last week’s report on the library service (published in the “South Yorkshire Times”) said that books on the “L. C. C.” Category were popular in this district – love, crime and cowboys. Referring to the “abuse” of the request service, Mr Jackson said that people have been reading book reviews in the press and had then submitted long lists of books they wanted. Some of these books included the biographies of film stars and popular war books, Mr Jackson stated, adding that they had got to draw the line somewhere.

“Battle of Television” Settled.

Castle club’s “battle of television” has been settled. The battle, started some weeks ago over whether the television set should be switched on or off on a Sunday evening. Members could not agree so that matter was taken “into committee.” It has now been agreed by the committee that the set should be switched off on a Sunday evening.

But “leader” of the viewers, Mr Freddie Prince, is still not satisfied. “I shall take up the matter again at the half yearly meeting” he said, “I enjoy watching racing and a good play, and the room should be set aside for viewers” he added.

On the other side is Mr Alfred Garrison a 59-year-old miner, who says, “I like a quiet drink and a chat and that’s the only room where I can do that.”