Conisbrough News – Surface Workers Death – Ivanhoe W.M.C.

December 1955

South Yorkshire Times, December 24, 1955

Surface Workers Death

a verdict of “Death from natural causes” were recorded by Doncaster coroner (Mister W.H.Carlile), at an inquest at Doncaster Wednesday on John Nicholas Higgins (Seaside), a retired colliery surface worker of Conisbrough.

In May 1954, Mister Higgins underwent an operation at Doncaster infirmary. After Doctor Henry Lederer (consultant pathologist at Doncaster Infirmary) said pneumoconiosis had nothing to do with the death, the verdict was given according to medical evidence

Ivanhoe W.M.C.

over £4000 paid out last Saturday by the savings club of Ivanhoe W.M.C.361 members shared that amount.

The treasurer and secretary of the savings club paid out the money to members who have been saving since January of this year.

The age members Christmas tree was held in the club on Tuesday. Over 70 members and wife sat down to tea and were entertained by concert artists afterwards.

The first round proper of the “News of the World” individual darts championship, Tommy Gibbons of the Ivanhoe club plays Jack Elmer of the Lord Conyers Hotel.