Conisbrough News – Vicar’s Comments on “Queer People” – G. F. S. Successes

May 1946

South Yorkshire Times, May 18, 1946

“Queer People.”

In his address at the parish church on Sunday, the vicar, the rev. G. F. Braithwaite, touched on the subject of “queer people,” and pointed out that queerness meant individuality.

By the conventionally minded, it was a compliment to be called queer. Conisbrough had long been renowned for its sturdy individuality, and he hoped it would never be submerged in the drab ordinariness of urban correcitude. There was, Mr Braithwaite said, more character in those little towns than in all the mushroom growths of bricks and mortar.

G. F. S. Successes

Conisborough St Peter’s branch of the G. F. S., which was only formed last October, gained the Prentices trophy for the highest number of marks and were runner ups for the candidates trophy in the Sheffield diocesan competitions for candidates and prentices at Sheffield on Saturday. Both the candidates and prentices country dancing teens were trained by Miss E. Roberts.

Individual first awards were won by Janet Sherlock, Marjorie Gledall and Anne Robinson, whose work will compete with the work of the six northern dioceses in the interdiocesan competitions at york next month. First awards were also worn by Joseph Moody and Marjorie Gledall.