Conisbrough Notes – Baker’s Horse Bolted – Pierrot Concert – Nelson – New Organist

October 1905

Mexborough and South Yorkshire Times October 28, 1905

Conisbrough Notes

A serious accident happened to a horse, which belonged to Mr C Farrell, Baker, on Wednesday morning. The horse was attached to the usual Bakers ban, and was standing in High Street, when it bolted.

No one was in the van, and the affrighted animal rushed along unchecked up High Street and Castle Street, and at the corner near the Vicarage, came into contact with a garden wall so violently as to dislodge the masonry and render the usual means of ingress and egress at the vicarage unavailable

The animal seems to have caught the wall with his shoulders, which was probably shattered, for it dropped at once. Fortunately, the road was clear, or a much more serious accident it would have been.

The injured animal was taken to the stables of Mr W.W.Norwood, M.R.C.V.S. who was away on this professional round, but there was no chance of the animal living.

The Conisbrough Pierrot troupe and how their initial concert for November, the “oneth” and twoth,” in the Board School. No doubt the excellent fare which was provided by this combination a few years ago is still remembered by many. I trust the audience will be large.

The service at the Conisbrough Parish Church on Sunday was notable for their reference to live and work of Nelson. The congregations were fairly large, and a respectable sum will be handed over to the Mission for Seamen.

The new organist at the Baptist Church in the place of Mr F.H.Wells, is Mr Griffiths, who was elected at a meeting of the church members. Special sermons were preached at this church on Sunday, on behalf of foreign mission.