Conisbrough Notes – Excursions

July 1899

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 14, 1899

Conisbrough Notes – Excursions

The Fox picnic party have usually had their annual day’s outing on the last Saturday in July, but this year, on account of other excursions being on that day, I hear it had been definitely decided that the picnic shall be on Saturday, August 5.

I am told the party this year intend visiting Wortley and Wharncliffe Craggs. The Conisbrough brass band will again accompany the party, and as only a limited number of tickets will be sold, I should advise all who intend joining this jolly party to apply for their tickets at once.

Saturday, July 29, will be a general holiday at the Denaby and Cadeby Pits, it being the date set apart for the workmen’s annual excursion.

The underground workmen at the Denaby colliery have agreed to go to Blackpool by the great Central Railway, and the underground men at the Cadeby colliery are going to the same place by the Hull and Barnsley Railway company.

In addition to these two trips I understand the surface workmen at the Denaby and Cadeby Pits, have again agreed to join together, and will run an excursion independent of the bottom workmen altogether.


I hear a rumour that the surface men are very much in favour of going by the Hull and Barnsley Railway Company to Hull, Grimsby and Cleethorpes.

If this is correct they have made a very good selection, as this is a very popular day’s outing with people in this neighbourhood, the boat ride from Hull to Grimsby being enjoyed immensely.

Blackpool is considered by a very great number of workmen to be too far for one day’s holiday. They do not see the fun of spending the greater part of the day in a railway train, hence the popularity of the Hull trip.