Conisbrough Notes – Holiday Time – Billiard Tables – Concertina or Brass Band

July 1888

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 27, 1888

Conisbrough Notes

It is a holiday time, and what a time! Going to a watering place in July of August and compelled to carry waterproof an umbrella is not a very inviting picture. Sunshine is very scarce, and a glance at the reports of the weather at seaside resorts, is not encouraging to the tourist. Surely it will be better before all the summer months are gone.

Mention was made in these notes sometime since that we were to have two billiard tables in the village. The one at the Star Hotel is in full use, and directly we shall have the other going. Operations have been commenced at the Station Inn for the purpose of erecting buildings to accommodate the tables etc.

From what I’ve seen and heard the results will be a great improvement to the house.

Since the concertina band at Denaby has been “out” a certain party had been talking and planning about the formation of a brass band this would have been the proper course at first. Whether anything definite has been settled or not I have not heard but I hope that the matter will not be allowed to drop.