Conisborough Notes – One – Rainbow Bridge – Preservation of Wild Flowers

July 1928

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 13, 1928

Conisborough Notes

Arthur Vollans is an attractive batsmen to watch when he gets going, and on Saturday, goes Mexborough, he treated us to a stylish performance in knocking up over 50 runs.

Work on the reconstruction of Rainbow Bridge proceeded a stage further when the remaining two huge girders were placed in position, and now all the girders are in.

The “Bows,” still remain, but this week end they are to disappear.

Preservation of Wild Flowers

The Society for the Promotion of Nature Reserves has issued a notice regarding wild flowers which has being brought tothe attention of the children through the schools.

It has been pointed out that the flowers can be saved by picking sparingly. It also points out that if picked, the flowers last but a little while, and, unless a sufficient number of them is left to seed the plants will disappear. This would sadly mar the beauty of the countryside.

Everybody is asked not to uproot plants no to break trees or shrubs. Plants and trees as nature placed them are a delight to the eye to let all who pass by enjoy.

Such notices unfortunately necessary, for last week I observed a a motorist loading up foxgloves which he had rooted in Swaledale, but which never could grow again anyway, so mutilated were the groups.

And there are many such poor fools what to stop to think before despoiling nature’s garb.