Conisbrough Notes – Races, Holly and Cliffs

December 1898

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 2, 1898

Conisborough Notes

Coming up the Castle side at nearly ten oclock one night last week, I was very much surprised to meet four or five Conisborough gentlemen running helter-skelter down the road towards Burcroft. Whatever is the matter thought I. Has someone jumped in the river? Or has a fire broke out somewhere?

No, no it was a foot race but a small wager. On enquiring the result of the race afterwards I was told the “night of the cleaver” cleared the last hurdle in fine style and one by a short head.

As I was walking through the Conisborough Cliffs, the other day, I was very sorry to see the footpath, strewn with holly leaves and berries. It was very evident that some “youths,” anxious to get a sprig of holly to decorate their coat, must needs break of the tree several large boughs.

I say youths, because I take it men would have had more sense than to do a thing of this kind.

Now I know one or two places like the Cliffs, which were at one time open to the public, but the owner has been compelled to close them owing to this reckless breaking down of trees.

We Conisborough people would be sorry to see any part of the Cliffs closed, and I’m sure no one will be sorry, if one or two of these reckless “use” were caught doing this wilful damage and taught very sharp lesson. I am sure they deserve one.