Conisbrough Pageant

March 1969

South Yorkshire Times March 15, 1969


Mr. Arthur Young, Headmaster of Conisbrough North cliff e School, is attempting to “stir up enthusiasm for a Conisbrough pageant,” the School Governors heard.

Mr. Young feels that a revival of the town’s former glories in the form of a historical pageant would be something to really look forward to each year.

“The school would take most of the burden but it could develop into a town pageant using the Perfect historical backdrop of the Castle. Of course there is a lot of groundwork to cover before this can become a reality,” he said.

Mr. Young feels that it would also be an admirable project for bringing the people of Conisbrough into contact with what is happening in the school. The plan would involve other organisations in the town as well as the school.

At present the pageant is under discussion between Mr. Young and his staff.