Conisbrough Parish Church – Annual Soiree

February 1915

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 6, 1915

Conisbrough Parish Church – Annual Soiree

The annual soirée of the above Church took place in the Church Hall on Thursday evening. About 180 parishioners sat down to tea.
The following ladies presided at the tables: Mrs Nicholson, Mrs McClure, Mrs Strawbridge, Misses Smith, Mrs Jones, Mrs Williams, Misses Brown, Mrs Drabble, Rawding and Jackson.
The tea was followed by an excellent concert. The Vicar, the Rev W.A.Strawbridge, presided, and explained the object of the gathering, which was to raise funds in support of the Assistant Ministry Fund, the Sunday School, and the Church Restoration Fund.

The sum of £100 or so we quite clear of outstanding accounts. The original cost was estimated at £2500; additional expenses brought the total to £2853. Last year five relates 3 pounds was raised and this year 1970 bound them being raised.

The Rev gentleman expressed his pleasure at the response the young men connected with the church had made to the call of their country. He likewise asked for the corporation of all parishioners and church workers to see that the remaining restoration surplus was wiped off.

In conclusion, he sang all the workers for the energetic manner in which their work for the scheme and the present successful soirée.

Mr W.H.Jones, people’s warden, propose a vote of thanks to the church workers for the loyalty displayed in their efforts towards the restoration scheme and during a national crisis, and hoped they would be rewarded in the near future by the termination of the war and the establishment of a lasting peace.

Mr A.Fletcher seconded.