Conisbrough Parish Council – Recreation Ground Improvements – The Stench

October 1911

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 21 October 1911

Conisbrough Parish Council

The Recreation Ground Improvements

The usual monthly meeting was held on Wednesday evening. Mr H.L.Smethurst presiding over a good attendance of members.

The tender of the Scudamore Green Company of Doncaster, for supplying asphalt and tall for the Cemetery footpaths, was accepted.

The Chairman stated that with regard to the Ivanhoe Recreation Ground, presented by Mrs Walker, he had forwarded to that lady tenders for concrete edging the footpath, erecting a brick and tile shelter, six swings, six seesaws and 12 seats, and putting up the fencing.

Mrs Walker had accepted the tenders of three local tradesmen, Mrs Savile, Greathead and Jones. The work was cost £500. Mrs Walker asked for the work to be carried out as soon as possible. This, stated the Chairman, was in addition to what Mrs Walker had paid for in connection with the other ground below the castle, and at the Pigotts.

A complaint was received from a firm of builders about a stench proceeding from the Premises of Messrs Braim and Co., fat refiners.

The Chairman said it’s not like a glorified soup kitchen or restaurant; it did nobody any harm at all. People didn’t come to Conisbrough as a residential resort. The players complained about have been regularly inspected. The business was one which he welcomed. The Conisbrough Castle of today was the Cadeby headgear. If you are to take notice of outsiders they would not progress at all.

It was decided that the letter lie on the table.

Councilor Mooney said he had seen a number of Conisbrough allotment holders, and they were in favour of water been supplied, as suggested by the Rural District Council at 1/6 per 1000 gallons.