Conisbrough Parish Council – The Clerk’s Thankless Task

December 1911

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 23 December 1911

Conisbrough Parish Council

The Clerk’s Thankless Task

The monthly meeting was held on Wednesday evening, in the Station Road schools.

The chairman (Mr H.L.Smethurst) welcome the new clerk Mr J Hill. He hoped he would have a long and glorious reign. He was sure he was a hard-working and painstaking man. He had a thankless task before him. They late Clerk and left matters in the state of great disorder. Some of the books, too, were missing.

The question of providing a new fire engine house was discussed.

The chairman submitted plans of a new one to be erected on land at present belonging to Mr Bellamy, adjoining the Public Hall, in Church Street. Mr Bellamy offered to build a house 20’ x 15’ and sell it to the Council for £70, or let it at a rental of £6 per year. This place was 16 feet wide and 20 feet deep, and it was quite large enough.

It was resolved to purchase the house.

The local government Board having approved of the adoption of the Baths and Washouses act by the Council and the Council having decided to erect public baths, at what the chairman estimated the cost at £1500 all told, it was asked what were the Council going to do?

The Chairman said they did not want an elaborate scheme, but wanted to get forward.

The matter was left with the Chairman to make arrangements with Mr White of Mexborough, architect, and call a special meeting.

Mr W.I. Gibbs called attention to the necessity of providing ladies and gentlemen’s lavatories at the Cemetery. The cost would be about £30.

The Chairman offered to get prices in for the next meeting, and this was agreed to.

The Clerk made a long statement as to the position of affairs. He estimated the total deficiency in the burial accounts to be about £50. The cemetery caretaker was in no way responsible. His books had been well kept. The Books had not been touched since Mr Hawkesworth relinquished the office. The allotment receipt book was also missing.

Mr Gibbs proposed that the Clerk should have assistance for a month, as the audit would soon come round, and it was decided to allow Mr Hill £5 for the extra assistance needed