Conisbrough Points System.

July 1950

South Yorkshire Times July 22, 1950

Conisbrough Points System.

Changes in Conisbrough Urban. Council’s points system for Council house letting were announced on onday. No points will be given until an application for a house has been in the Council’s hand for one year.

The revised system, which will operate as from July 4th, will be as follows:—

One point for each 5 years lived in the urban district (man or wife)

Two points for sub-tenancy or lodgers

Three points for man and wife having to live at separate abodes.

Five points for tuberculosis in any house (certified by Medical Officer).

Three points for tenants under threat of eviction.

Four points for tenants evicted.

Two for medical reasons apart from tuberculosis, to be given by the Committee, after consideration of medical evidence.

One point for each year of marriage since 1939. Those married and before 1939 to count from 1939 – and no points under this heading, for those married for two years.

Five points for each bedroom deficiency in the present living conditions.

One to five points for exceptional reasons, not covered by the above, to be given by the Committee.

One point for each year of service in England, up to January 1st, 1946.

One and a half points for each year of service abroad up to January 1st, 1946; and

Two points for each year of service as a P.O.W.

Service points will be allowed in respect of one person only per application.

House Letting Committee chairman, Coun. C. W. Wright, told the “South Yorkshire Times” this week: “We are now giving one point per year of marriage since 1939, irrespective as to whether marriage to place before or after 1939. No points under this beading, will be given until the applicant has been married for two years, instead of allocating  points for the number of persons in the present dwelling, and also for resent  sex living conditions we will now give a trial points of five for each bedroom deficiency in the house In which the applicant lives.

“I firmly believe that with these alterations, given after most careful consideration by the Committee, we now have a points system that will be just and fair to all concerned.

“Renewal forms for all applicants are to be had at Castle Farm. Each applicant must renew his application after July 1st each year. This is particularly necessary now, for the changes in the points system can only be properly allocated on these new forms. As soon as practicable, every applicant will be notified on a record card of the number of points he or she may have.

“These changes in the points system will have the effect of moving anomalies in our present system of letting houses.”