Conisbrough Post Office in Denaby

March 1966

South Yorkshire Times March 26, 1966

Conisbrough in Denaby

The new Conisbrough Post Office and the house known as Scrimshaw Buildings near Conisbrough station, are, we understand, eventually to be demolished.

The Post Office have been used as such for nearly 40 years and where for many years managed by the late Mrs Grindle and, after her death, by Mr Grindle.

About nine years ago Miss Olive West became manageress, and when the premises were vacated last week Miss West went to assist the new owners of the post office, now at Yew terrace (opposite Station Road School).

Although called “New Conisbrough Post Office,” it was actually in the parish of Denaby Main, but now it will be in the Conisbrough Parish.

Many readers will recall that some years ago people were wont to refer to the house is built beyond the then Wesleyan Chapel (now Epworth Hall) as “new Conisbrough.” How it got that name I cannot say (says our Denaby correspondent) because, of course, it is still Denaby Main, but that is perhaps why the post office now to be demolished was known as “New Conisbrough” Office while still in the parish of Denaby.