Conisbrough Press Case For More Equitable Hospital Precept

March 1946

South Yorkshire Times March 23, 1946

Conisbrough Press Case
For More Equitable Hospital Precept

Conisbrough Urban Council, who claim that they are being unjustly treated by having to pay Common Fund charges of the Doncaster and Mexborough Joint Hospital Board based on out-of-date figures, are to consider to press for a revision of the charges. This was announced by Coun. G. Oldfield(??) at a meeting of the Board at Conisbrough Isolation Hospital on Wendesday. Coun. Mrs. M. Jackson (Bentley), presided.

Onus on Conisbrough

Conisbrough had previously been advised by the Minister of Health that, having regard to forthcoming legislation in respect of the new health services, he was reluctant to agree to change the computation of the charges at present and would only do so if a strong case was submitted. At their last meeting the Board decided to ask Conisbrough to supply the figures on which they base their case.
The Clerk (Mr. Roy Bowers) reported receipt of calculations of an estimated Common Fund charge of £7,000 per annum based on the present method of computation and on a rateable value basis. These figures showed that Doncaster Rural Council would pay on the present basis £2,173 and £3,182 on a rateable value basis. The other authorities would show a reduction in contribution as follows: Mexborough £1,179 under a rateable value basis against £1,387 at present: Bentley £983 against £3138, Adwick-Le-Street £921 against £1,046 and Conisbrough £735 against £1,368.

Mr. Bowers stated that he had also prepared figures to show calculations based on the present computation (based on the unrevised populations of the 1921 census, on the last census (in 1931) and rateable value basis.

Doncaster Rural Council paid under the present basis (the 1921 census) £2073, would pay under the 1931 census figures £2,858 and under a rateable value basis £2,182.

Other figures were: Mexborough £1,283, £982 and £1,723; Bentley £1,136, £983 and £982; Adwick £2,045, £1,167 and £921; Conisbrough £1,358, £1,350 and £735.

Time For a Revision

Mr. Bowers pointed out that rateable value was not a true indication of the financial resources of an authority. Mr. Bowers said however, that everyone would agree that it was time for a revision of the contributions; the 1921 figures were out of date.

Counc. T. Raynham: If the 1921 figures are out of date, so are the 1931 figures.

The Clerk pointed out that 1931 was out of the last census.

Coun. Raynham said that Adwick-Le-Street’s population was now 2,600 less than in 1931. He suggested that in view of boundary revision proposals it might be hardly worth while making a change at this stage.

Coun. Oldfield (Conisbrough) spoke favourably of the Board proceeding on a population basis.
Mr. Bowers explained that the saving to Conisbrough would be the equivalent of a 1 ½ rate, but he doubted whether there would be time to get an amending order through.

It was agreed that the matter should be referred for a month so that the constituent authorities could decide whether an approach should be made on a population basis.