Conisbrough Road Crash – Bus Passengers Injured

February 1950

South Yorkshire Times February 11, 1950

Conisbrough Road Crash

Bus Passengers Injured

The driver of a lorry involved in an accident at Butterbusk, Conisbrough, on Monday, was said to have narrowly escaped with his life, when a Yorkshire Traction Company bus collided with the lorry.

The driver of the lorry, Edwin Stringer, of Chapeltown, had stopped to examine a faulty rear light. He got out, saw that the light would not come on, and climbed back into the cab to try the switch again. While he was in the cab, the bus tore open the door and side of the cab.

Both vehicles were badly damaged, but neither Stringer nor the bus driver, Joseph Thompson, of Wheatley, was injured.

Four of the passengers in the crowded bus, however, were slightly hurt. Two, Mrs. Emily Jordan (55), of 79, Doncaster Road, Conisbrough, and Constance Smith (46), of 26, Helena Street, Mexborough, were treated at Mexborough Montagu Hospital, but were later allowed to leave.

The two other passengers, Harry Robinson (36), of Aberdeen Bungalows, Conisbro’, and Miss Helena Horton (70), 20, Burcroft Hill, Conisbrough, were given first-aid treatment on the scene of the accident for cuts and bruises.

On Wednesday, lying on a couch at her home, Mrs. Jordan was still not very clear as to what happened. The accident occurred so suddenly that no one was prepared for it.

Most of the passengers were thrown forward, and glass was broken in the windows, and thrown inside the bus.