Conisbrough Savings – Fine Record Recognised

February 1945

South Yorkshire Times February 3, 1945

Conisbrough Savings
Fine Record Recognised

At the Station Road Schools, Conisbrough last Thursday, “Salute the Soldier” plaques were presented to Conisbrough Urban Council and the Conisbrough savings Committee and certificate to the savings groups.

Miss G Packwood, Chairman of the Savings Committee, presided, and said they were gathered to see the final event of the fourth major campaign of the Conisbrough Committee, which set out in May last year to raise £65,000. The target was easily passed and £78,361 was raised.

Maj H Marshall (R.A.S.C.) representing the Army presenting the plaque to Councillor G Oldfield, who represented Conisbrough U.D.C., said the figures were astounding and he was sure Conisbrough would feel proud of their effort, which came at a most vital time.

Results like these told the Army that the population at home were behind them, and it made a great difference to soldiers. He was pleased to say that the soldier’s campaign, following so closely upon that of Conisbrough, have been equally successful.

“Looking back to June we see great accomplishments and we can look forward to 1945 with great hope, but we mustn’t let up,” was the principal message. “We were all too optimistic last year, when the blackout was lifted and the Home Guard stood down. We must not underestimate the Bosch. He was a good soldier and would fight to the last. We did make advances without losses of men and material, and these are to be replaced, and he urged the audience to keep this fact before them. Another reason for continued saving was that the soldiers were coming back and they will want jobs.

“The soldier trusts you. He is certain that he will get better treatment than he did after the last war.”

Councillor Oldfield said he received the plaque with the greatest possible pride, as it was a tribute to the splendid achievement of a small population. He thanked the savings committee, and congratulated them on the success in all their campaigns.

Miss Packwood then received the plaque on behalf of the savings Committee.

Making the presentation, Major Marshall said he was glad to find that the Chairman was a woman. He had been amazed at the part women had played. He did not know how the housewife had stood up to the strain of rationing, and also to losing sons, daughters and husbands. In addition, they had in Miss Packwood a representative of the schools who had done such wonderful work.

Miss Packwood said she thought the plaque will be long treasured in a world where wars would disappear. The war had brought much suffering and misery, but it had also produced much gallantry and more coming together of the people. It was not given to all of us to achieve great things but the Savings Movement provided the means whereby everyone could do something. She said that in five years at Conisbrough the weekly savings of the small savers had averaged £1,011 and excluding large efforts 88% was provided by the small saver, who had contributed £306,000 since 1940. In the first year the small savings weekly total was £1,023. In 1944 it was £1,597 and in the last five weeks of 1944 it had reached £2,063.

Conisbrough’s example

Mr A W Sanders, Deputy Regional Commissioner for Savings presented the certificates to Mr M Daniels representing the Industrial groups: Mr J Proctor (schools); Mr J Birdsall (streets) and Mr T whole craft (social organisations). Mr Sanders said Conisbrough should feel honoured in possessing a savings movement which always set a standard which was an example to the all country. He paid particular tribute to the work done in the in the schools.

“These were the first savers and they kept the moment alive during two wars.” He also thanked the collectors.

The Hon secretary, whom he refered to as the spearship of the attack, with his committee, had furnished an example of leadership which he hoped would be carried on after the war to help in winning the peace.

Mr J Rowbotton, Assistant Commissioner, moving a vote of thanks said that the savings movement that prove that voluntary organisations could provide the tools for destruction. Could they supply the tools for reconstruction? It was a challenge he was sure Conisbrough would take up.

Mr D Sheldon, ex-chairman of the Committee, supported the vote. Mr E Dabbs hon secretary thank Miss P Beachill, who had inscribed each of the certificates. During the evening, entertainment was provided by the “Tit bits” concert party and by Mr IK Hetherington, who was responsible for arranging the entertainment thanked the artists.