Conisbrough Sickle Works Change Hands

July 1958

South Yorkshire Times July 19, 1958

Conisbrough Sickle Works Change Hands

Conisbrough Sickle works, which has been in the Rawding family of Conisbrough for over 60 years, has been taken over by a Sheffield firm of Scythe makers.

The firm, founded in 1885 by George Booth continued under the name of George Booth and sons after the Rawding family took over the works in 1897.

The firm now employs about 25 workpeople, but employed as many as 40 a few years ago. Sickles are exported all over the world for cutting a garden lawn or cutting through a jungle. Eighty per cent are exported. It is the only factory in the world exclusively making sickles. The firm has been taken over by Thomas Staniforth and Company Ltd. scythe manufacturers of Hackenthorpe, Sheffield.

Three Rawding brothers took William Rawding, Thomas Rawding over the factory in 1897. They were John Henry Rawding who carried on the factory until handing over to two sons George W. Rawding, of The Elms, Low Road, Conisbrough, and John Henry Rawding (jnr.), shortly after the last war.

John Henry Rawding (jnr)  formerly of Crookhill Road. Conisbrough died about three years ago. He was then Managing Director. Mr. George W. Rawding then took over the firm and Mr. Rawding’s widow. Mrs. Eva Rawding, became a director. Mr. Rawding now 63-years-old, and Mrs. Rawding have retired.

Mrs. Rawding told a ” South Yorkshire Times ” reporter that at least for the present the works would be carried on in Conisbrough under the name of George Booth and Sons.