Conisbrough Soldier In Japan

May 1946

South Yorkshire Times May 25, 1946

Conisbrough Soldier In Japan

Sgt. Fred Wood (21), second son of Mr and Mrs. Edward, of 61, Damon’s Avenue, who arrived in Japan in the “Arundel Castle” from Bombay at the beginning of April, travelled to his base through, Hiroshima atom bombed on August 6th.

He managed to procure eight photographs of the damaged city and these he has sent home, along with some Japanese paper money. Sgt Wood states that he finds the Japanese climate easier to bear than that of India. The Japanese woman and children are polite and bow, but he does not care for the men; they look brutal.

He has visited Paradise Island several times, an off duty spot popular among personnel.

Sgt Wood, who is in the code and cipher branch of the R. A. F. joined the air force in July, 1944, for air crew duties, but with the approach of the war’s end he transferred to his present branch. He was a member of the A. T. C. Squadron at Mexborough secondary school.