Conisborough Squabble – Visit To His Mother-In-Law

March 1908

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 28, 1908

A Conisborough Squabble
A Visit To His Mother-In-Law

Mary Elizabeth Hulley, married woman of Conisborough, charged John Adshead with assaulting her at Conisborough on March 7.

There was a cross summons against Mary Elizabeth Hulley.

Mr W Baddeley for Mrs Ollie, whilst Mr GW Andrews represented and said.

The prosecutor story was that on Saturday night March 7, her husband and the defendant were at their house when she returned home. Adshead was laid asleep on the sofa, but about 10 o’clock he got up and started abusing her.

He then struck her, but her husband interfered, and defendant was turned out of the house.

Defendant, however, returned and asked for his pipe, and complainant allowed him to come and get his pipe. He immediately commenced assault. He struck her in the eye, which cause it to blacken, and also struck her about the body.

Her husband, who was in bed, came down to put defendant out again. It was also stated that defendant was a son-in-law of the complainant.

Cross-examined, she admitted have been prosecuted for drunkenness, she denied having got defendant up by striking him with a stool.

William Hulley (complainant’s husband) and Annie E Hulley (complainant’s daughter) gave evidence in support.

Adshead, who also had signs of having had a black eye, stated that he went to Mrs Hulley’s house with her husband, and he fell asleep on the sofa. He was first aware of Mrs Hulley’s presence when he received a blow from a stool struck by her. He was about to strike a second time, but he prevented so doing. He did not strike the woman at all. He denied striking her when he returned for his pipe.

Cross-examined by Mr Baddeley, he could not say how Mrs Hulley came to have a black eye. He admitted that he had been drinking from noon until 10 PM, but denied that he had got such a “a load” on that he was unable to go home.

The Bench described the case as a general family row, and it was dismissed, both sides to pay their own costs.