Conisbrough Steam Roller – Driver Summoned

September 1915

Mexborough Times – September 4th

Conisbrough Steamroller
Driver Summoned
Breach Of County Council Regulations

At the Doncaster West Riding PoliceCourt on Saturday, William Curtis, steamrollered driver of Conisbrough, was charged with having driven and engine of all the 4 t weight over a bridge’s proper on 16 August

superintendent minty said the steamroller 7 t and notices to the effect that nor heavy traffic should pass over the bridge were posted up at both ends in such positions that no one could avoid seeing them.

Mr Frank Allen (defending) asked their worships to deal leniently with the case. The authorities who owned the bridge were being petitioned to allow heavy traffic to use the bridge. Defendant was not the only offender and he understood that other heavry traffic had been across the bridge. He thought their Worships would agree with him that for the time being, at any rate, the bridge should not be closed for traffic of this kind as it were generally desired that the bridge should be reopened for locomotive traffic.

It was stated that the bridge had been used contrary to the county council regulations, who did not consider it sufficiently strong to allow for the crossing of heavy traffic.

A fine of 20 shillings, including costs was imposed