Conisbrough Teacher and His Spanish Fiancé Met At Sea

July 1967

South Yorkshire Times July 15, 1967

Conisbrough Teacher and His Spanish Fiancé Met At Sea
They Will Marry In Spain on July 26th

Mr Vincent Harrison, a 21 year old Conisbrough teacher left England on Saturday with his 22 year old Spanish fiancé, Miss Erudina Lopez Freire. They are to be married at the Church of San Benito del Campo in Miss Freire’s home town of Santiago de Compostel, in the north-west of Spain on July 26th.

Two Years Ago

The couple met two years ago on board ship between Southampton and Spain. Mr Harrison, then a student of Spanish at Liverpool University, was going to Portugal on a course, and Miss Friere, a nurse in a London hospital, was returning home for a holiday. They became engaged last July.

At the wedding will be Mr Harrison’s parents, Mr D. J. Harrison, a blacksmith’s striker at Cadeby Colliery, and Mr Doris Harrison who live at “The Beacon”, Morley Place, Conisbrough after the wedding the couple and will then spend some time at the home of Miss Friere’s father.

When they returned to England in September, Mr Harrison will take up a post at the Tudor grammar school. Feltham Middlesex.